Friday, August 04, 2006

Comments are on

I've turned comments on for posts. At the bottom right of every post appears "X comments" where X is the number of comments that have been left so far. Click there to leave a comment that can be read by anyone. To combat spambots, I have turned on "word verification" that will be self explanatory once you go to leave a comment.

Commenting is provided as a courtesy only. I review all comments before they appear. I do not edit comments, I only approve or delete. My criteria for approving or deleting generally correspond to the following guidelines but in the end are subjective:

Comments using profanity automatically get deleted no matter how brilliant they may otherwise be.

No personal attacks, name calling or commercial commenting. Links to your own web site or other relevant web pages are fine.

Please be brief and relevant to the post.

I probably won't have time to respond to comments or answer questions posted therein.



At Tue Aug 15, 11:47:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have tried to pose israel as the one who is defending her land and people.You highlighted the kidnap israel soldiers but u just escaped the murders of innocent lives,demolishing of houses,indiscriminate firing in palestine by israel.The rule does not apply only to Muslims.Law should be the same for all.
A reader


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