Thursday, August 24, 2006

A view from Syria

UPI reports the latest Syrian view:

Syria's official Tishreen daily said in its editorial Thursday the U.S. administration will try to find new pretexts to achieve what the Israeli war machine failed to accomplish in Lebanon. The state-run paper argued the Bush administration sees the war on Lebanon as its own, not just Israel's, and is seeking to turn Lebanon into an Israeli protectorate. That's why, it claimed, Washington coordinates with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government around the clock and speeded up its diplomatic efforts in the U.N. to allow it to continue its aggression on Lebanon in different ways. It said Israel saw Security Council Resolution 1701 that stopped the war as a break to assess its calculations and allow pressure on the Lebanese resistance to take its course, adding the U.S. administration is seeking to take revenge from the resistance. "What is happening in Lebanon and the U.N. circles indicates the war on Lebanon stopped, but did not end; while Olmert's government is drowning in its losses and wants to reclaim its dignity at any cost, relying on the unlimited American support," the Syrian daily asserted. It said the London-based Amnesty International human rights organization on Wednesday had accused Israel of war crimes in Lebanon, adding the group "undoubtedly took into consideration that the Bush administration is a partner in these crimes."

UPI's report is a summary of the latest Arab editorials, interesting reading.

It's worth remmebering that there are no independent media in Syria; all papers and broadcast media are government controlled. The Tishreen is an official government organ anyway, so it's quite safe to assume that its printed views are indistinguishable from those of Syria's ruler, Bahar Assad.


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